Why it is an innovation of traditional sales?

25 years ago, we started our chemical business, mainly those exports to Europe.

13 years ago, we started our PU systems production and sales in local market.

8 years ago, we started our lightweight PP honeycomb series production, local sales or export.

All of traditional, from inquiry to placing order and shipment, mainly via fax in the early stage, and now via email.

Is it possible to sell directly in an online store? The answer should be “yes”.

Apparently, this is a different way of sales, especially for industrial products like fine chemicals and composites.

It may not easy, it may take long time to reach a satisfactory target, but, it is worth to try.

Let’s work hard and work together to improve this new and promising sales chanel.

we offer commercial sales of fine chemicals in our online store.

we offer commercial sales of honeycomb composites in our online store.