Honeycomb panel used for swimming pool

CFRTP (Continuous Fiber Glass Reinforced Thermal Plastic) is a strong polypropylene and fiber-glass composite, the tensile strength of which can reach 850 MPa or more for Fiberglass content 60-65%.
CFRTP skin can be heat laminated with a PP Honeycomb core to produce a lightweight but strong
sandwich structure.
CFRTP skin is about 1mm thick and the panel thickness ranges from 6 to 60mm.
By increasing the layers of UD tape on the surface, or by increasing the core density, the compressive strength varies from 1.5 to 4.5MPa, the bending strength of which can also reach 70 MPa.

These CFRTP skin+PP honeycomb core composites can be used in swimming pool applications.

This application is mainly referred to as the Fiberglass pool, the honeycomb composites are used to produce the shell.

Currently, we are supplying this pool used honeycomb panel as 5900*1500*50mm size, 63 pcs per 20′ container.

The panel can be produced by heat lamination or PU glue cold lamination.

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