PP UD Tapes


Roll Width 660 mm
Roll Length 500 m or as per requirement
Tape Thickness 0.20-0.30 mm
Color Natural PP
Resin PP
Fiberglass content 60-70%
Roll tube diameter 3″ or 6″
Area weight 300-450 g/m2
Tensile Strength 700 map min  (10mm width sample)
Color Black
Anti UV As per requirement
Flame retartant na
MOQ 2000 kgs
Weight per roll 150 kgs
Application The raw material for CFRTP composites
Price condition Per kg, FOB Shanghai
Note Contact us  if more than MOQ, different thickness or density
Price 3.2

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PP UD Tape is a kind of thermoplastic prepreg impregnated unidirectional tape (UD tape) made of CFRTP (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) composites. It can be offered in a wide range of fiber and resin combinations.

The CFRTP UD tape is designed for sandwich panels and laminated panels used in vehicles and winding pipes. The PP UD tape with continuous fiber-reinforced composites is especially ideal for large parts due to its unique characteristics that greatly reduce the overall cost.

The Advantages of PP UD tapes are Low cost, Lightweight, High strength, Chemical resistance (corrosion, mildew, and various cleaning chemicals), No VOC, green, clean, and recyclable.

Pentapur provides CFRTP PP UD tapes with a wide range of weight from 280 g to 600g various in thickness for you to choose:

280g PP UD Tapes 0.16 mm
370g PP UD Tapes 0.25 mm
450g PP UD Tapes 0.30 mm
500g PP UD Tapes 0.32 mm
600g PP UD Tapes 0.43 mm



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